value call card

  • The lowest rates from urban centres
  • 2.9 ¢/min. anytime to anywhere in Canada and the U.S. using local access numbers

Available in $5, $10, $20 denominations

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Your long distance savings are in flight

Stay connected at the most competitive rates when calling from urban centres.

Features & benefits

  • Get the lowest rates when calling from urban centres
    • Local access number currently available in Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Toronto, Ottawa, Hamilton, London, Kitchener, Windsor, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax
  • No hidden fees
  • Easy-to-follow voice prompts in eight languages
  • Live, bilingual customer support available 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Reloadable online or through automated voice prompt


Call from anywhere in Canada and the U.S to:

  • Canada & the U.S. 2.9 ¢ / minute
  • Overseas to over 200 countries. View rates

How it works

  • From a touch-tone phone, dial the appropriate local access number or toll-free access listed on the card.
  • Follow the prompts to place the call:
    • For calls within Canada or the U.S., dial area code + phone number
    • For international calls, dial 011 + country code + city code + phone number
  • A series of calls can be placed sequentially:
    • Press # to originate another call after the called party has hung up or before the calls is answered. A maximum of 3 sequenced calls is allowed.

Terms and conditions:

Usage is based on one minute call increments. 50¢ per call applies for all calls placed from public telephones. 3¢ per minute applies for all calls placed from the toll-free access number.  Calls terminating in northern British Columbia and the northern territories will be rated at 12¢ per minute. Additional charges apply for calls originating in these locations. Calls placed to overseas mobile phones may incur extra charges. Rates are subject to change without notice. Card is not refundable. There is no refund or replacement for lost or stolen cards or unauthorized use.  Total liability is limited to the value of the card only. Use of the card indicates you have accepted the terms and conditions of the card.

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